When I found out I was intolerant to dairy one of the things I thought I would miss the most was cheese! I used to love a good cheese board especially at Christmas time and a cheese toastie was a regular lunch time staple in my house. I have recently tried Violife however and cheese is back on the menu for me! Here is my Violife vegan cheese review.

Violife vegan cheese review

Violife vegan cheese review

I love that there are more and more vegan cheese options these days because without them I don’t know what I would do! I used to love pizzas, cheese sarnies, a sneaky chunk of cheese while cooking tea. So to know that these are all still possible for me I’m very happy. I was gifted some Violife vegan cheese to try in exchange for a review. I tried a selection of the cheeses that were sent but I have also tried a few other types of their cheese as well that I bought myself.

What my family thought of Violife

I thought I would also let my family try the vegan cheese as they are all dairy cheese eaters so if they enjoyed it that really would say something about it. My 13 year old daughter has dabbled with veganism and being vegetarian in the past however she found she couldn’t stick with either lifestyle. I was intrigued as to what she thought of the cheese as this could change things for her. In the end she did try it and found it was okay, she especially enjoyed the mature cheddar and smoked cheese but she said she wouldn’t switch full time and still prefers dairy cheese.

My son gave it a wide pass (he has autism and still has some issues with food so I wasn’t surprised). My partner surprised me the most though! Not only did he actually ask to try it without me offering, he rather enjoyed the smoked cheese! He did say it wasn’t bad for something vegan but he wouldn’t switch from dairy. At least I know that I have a couple of other people in the house open to trying new foods with me which makes me feel more supported.

What I thought of Violife

Now for my views on the products. The Violife cheese definitely isn’t like regular cheese and I have tried other vegan cheeses in the past so I didn’t expect an exact match. However I found the mature cheese to be the most real tasting and textured cheese compared to dairy I have tried. It almost feels like normal dairy cheese! I can imagine this in so many vegan recipes such as toasties, vegan pizzas and so much more! It actually got me quite excited about cheese again. I tried mine with some pineapple but have plans to make a toastie for my lunch today.

I also really enjoy the greek style Violife which I have bought myself. Although it isn’t the texture of normal feta (more of a creamy, ricotta or mascarpone type texture). It has the taste near enough spot on and it goes great with salads!

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