I’ve been a Mum now for about four years and everyday I’m learning more and more about what I was told Mumhood would be like. For a fact, those cute pictures where your kids are snuggling you at night and always give you a big smile when asking them to do chores– whose kids are those!? My toddler has really tested my patience the last few weeks but man oh man friends- it can be tough this motherhood career! 

As a fun little idea, I wanted to share some things that Mum’s may not share all the time and one’s that have actually happened to me personally. I hope you enjoy and get a few laughs! 

    1. My child ruined my washing and dryer: Yup this is true. She ruined my washer and dryer and I remember thinking I had no idea what to do without my washer and dryer. Thankfully, a friend suggested taking it to a local laundromat. One in particular, The Clothes Spin, is a well known area and has several locations that are perfect for those needing it. They are opened 24/7 and have large capacity front loader washers and can do various loads for you. It’s extremely helpful as well that they have an app to use to pay for your laundry so you don’t need to look for spare change. I also appreciate that they have Wi-Fi available and security cameras so you feel safe. Look for a laundromat near Timberlake, Virginia if you need a laundry mat in case your own child ruins yours! 
    2. We put wine in a mug and call it juice – The first time I told my daughter that Mommy had her own juice was a few months ago because my red wine must have looked like grape juice to her. When we were shopping at the grocery store, she saw the wine bottles and yelled at the top of her lungs “MOM! That’s YOUR juice!” I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. You know you’ve done it too Moms!
    3. We Can’t Do It All – I would love to be able to wake up with a cup of coffee, laundry folded, house clean, breakfast ready and my kids out the door in under 30 minutes. Reality says all that is a lie! Sure I have a few things  that I could get done but trying to wrestle my toddler to put her shoes on, making my lunch for work and tackling that over to do laundry pile for a week — it just doesn’t happen sometimes. Realizing that as much as we are super Mom to our kids, we also deserve to give ourselves a break too and know that we just can’t do it all some days. 
    4. Leave ME alone- Me time, when you can do whatever you darn well please, becomes practically non-existent once you’re a parent, and our survey found it’s the pre-baby luxury that moms miss most. Out of everything they miss from before kids—a better body, more disposable income, time with friends—23% of moms most crave alone time. “I can’t wait to get away from my kids sometimes. I need alone time (even away from my husband),” wrote one mom. Fourteen percent most pine for their pre-baby body and an equal number put sleep as #1 on their wish list.
    5. We’re Alway Tired- I’m blessed to have a toddler who was able to sleep through the night at 3 months old but add a newborn right now to the mix and it’s back to 2 hours here and there. I’m sure I’m grabbing an IV of coffee somewhere due to how exhausted I can be and that’s not including working a full time job either! Phew! 
    6. We Make Excuses – Sometimes if I’m not feeling like going to a party with friends and really wanting a night in myself, I’ll say that my kids aren’t feeling well. Shocking right! In fact, sharing that with some of my close friends, they said sometimes they have done the same thing! It’s not that we don’t want to hang out with people, but going along with that “me” time again, it’s just necessary!
    7. Not Every Meal Is Homemade- Cooking every night can be exhausting and honestly, I’m not the best cook so sometimes I like to throw in the towel and order in! One of our favorite things to do is enjoy a frozen pizza on Friday night — EVERY friday! It’s just a staple and one I look forward to every week!
    8. We Sneak Candy – Whatever your vice is ( mine happens to be oreos ) I end up finding myself in the pantry eating my favorite treats once the kids are sleeping. Somehow I started laughing at this scene because I also did this as a kid to sneak in extra candy after dinner while my Mom was doing dishes. I’m sure she’s laughing at this when I confess I now do it as an adult too. 

What are some confessions you have as a Mum?



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