There are much more than 25 natural ways to relieve back pain but this would be a good place to start. The 25 natural ways to relieve back pain can be broken down in to several areas. First is stretching, followed by strengthening, then by eating and drinking. A third area when looking at the 25 natural ways to relieve back pain is using good posture when you stand and sit. A fourth will be to use pain-relieving creams, and a fifth area to look at is moving.

25 Natural Ways To Relieve Back Pain

Who can suffer from back pain?

Pretty much anyone at some point in their life will suffer with some kind of back pain. Pregnancy can put a strain on women’s backs, various working positions can affect the back whether sitting, lifting or bending over. Or just any leisure activities that a person may enjoy doing can cause back pain. Accidents such as motor accidents or horse riding accidents can also have a negative effect on the back.

First group of the 25 natural ways to relieve back pain involves stretching

This should be done holding each position from 5-8 seconds and without bouncing or any swift and sudden movements. Don’t force yourself to move beyond where you feel pain. If your feel it, stop.

1- After sitting down for a period of time stand up and place your hands on your lower back and push your hips forward and your shoulders back.
2- Drape yourself over an exercise ball facing it. While draped across it, move your shoulders slightly forward.
3- Lay down on the ground facing up. Pull one of your knees up to your chest and then do the same with the other.
4- While still lying on the floor, keep your knees together and then twist your bottom torso to the left, pointing your knees to about the 10 oíclock position and then point them to the right at about the 2 oíclock position. Each direction you turn, remember to hold it.
5- While still lying face up, bend your knees and have your feet flat on the floor. Push your hip area up forming a bridge with your body.

Second group of 25 natural ways to relieve back pain involves strengthening your back.

6- Do Hindu squats. These will strengthen your lower torso and work into your back making it more able to endure every day rigors.
7- Sit ups. These will strengthen the ab muscles but will also help take pressure off the back muscles.
8- Do the ëSuperman.í Laying face down lift your legs and your upper torso so that you are forming a bowl. Hold this for a couple seconds.
9- Reverse Fly. Leaning over at a 90 degree angle and using 5-10 pound weights (or whatever your feel comfortable with) raise your arms straight out.
10- Opposite leg and arm raise. Getting on all fours, extend one arm completely and the opposite leg completely and then switch.

Third group of 25 natural ways to relieve back pain revolves around eating and drinking.

11- Drink plenty of water.
12- Avoid carbonated drinks and much sugar.
13- Eat foods rich in vitamin B-12.
14- Increase your level of calcium.
15- Look for foods rich in magnesium.

Fourth group of 25 natural ways to relieve back pain includes sitting and standing properly.

16- When sitting down for extended periods of time use some kind of lumbar support behind your lower back.
17- Whether sitting or standing sit with your back pushing toward your stomach and your shoulders backward.
18- While sitting or standing you may find relief by resting your foot on a stool.
19- When standing for long periods of time make sure that your chest is elevated, your shoulders back, and your body straight and perpendicular to the ground.
20- When you have to sit at a desk for long periods of time, put your monitor on a higher platform so you donít have to look down at it. Keep your head level.

The final group of 25 natural ways to relieve back pain is to move.

21- When sitting down for a long period of time, lean to the left and then lean to the right. Keep adjusting yourself.
22- Start walking more. The more you walk, the stronger your back muscles get.
23- Bend down and touch your toes.
24- Move your head around.
25- Give yourself a bear hug.

These 25 natural ways to relieve back pain is just the tip of the ice burg. There are many more to discover.

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